Monday, August 7, 2017

My future 

My future is not going to be defined by what someone tells me is right for me. I'm not going to follow what my family, extended family, community, or culture tells me is right for me. The only reason I will follow something that others agree with is because it is in line with my own morals of kindness and forgiveness for everyone, justice, hard work, and letting go of control. There's nothing in my list about materialism or excessively trying to control life, which I think I often see in the environment around me. 

Also, I want to add something about filial piety, respecting elders, and respecting the community. These concepts are big in Asian culture. I'm Asian, and I totally believe in these concepts. But I think a lot of Asians would say that people need to respect their parents, elders, and community even when it's harmful to do so, and that's when I disagree with this thinking. 

Anyway, what I see in my future is: not being rich, working hard, love, and having a totally unpredictable life.

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