Thursday, July 27, 2017

I wrote a number of short stories in the last few years. The last one was about a year ago. I'm pretty proud of them. One of them, the first one I wrote actually, is on the sidebar. ("The After School Special"). I also talked about it, and my short stories generally, here.

Anyway, I want to talk about my writing process for these short stories. It was difficult and unusual. 

I wrote these short stories in a deeply disturbed state. 

I had strong emotions that I needed to release, very strong emotions. I wrote my short stories to help me release these emotions.

However, I didn't know how to release my emotions in a controlled and mature manner. Instead, I felt an intense urge to have all my emotions released right away. So I felt an intense urge to finish writing a short story right away. I wrote every short story frenetically. 

I'm proud of every short story that I wrote during this time period. I think I did a good job of conveying certain deep emotions. But I'm not proud of the way I wrote these short stories.

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