Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Genuine laughter 

Back in April, I had to gather my coworkers for an information session at work about life insurance benefits. It was totally optional. Not many of them were interested. I felt bad for the presenters if barely anyone showed up, so I tried my best to get my coworkers to go.

Anyway, it ended up being a small, but decently-sized, group of us at the presentation. 

Before the presentation started, we were all sitting in the conference room, making small talk and just waiting for the presenters to start.

As we were doing this...for a moment, I sensed that...hey, we're all really getting along. The small talk doesn't feel awkward or boring or forced. Everyone seems involved in the group conversation and seems to be enjoying it (including me). There's genuine laughter amongst all of us. 

What was cool was that the group of us was a mix of people from very different departments. We were a diverse group of people.

I love it when very different people are able to come together in a group and really enjoy each other's company! This is my idea of the most genuine and the best social situation. It feels natural. 

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