Monday, June 26, 2017

San Francisco 

I am not really a city girl. I don't know what I am. A floater, maybe. I think I could hypothetically be okay living in a big city, suburb, small town, or farm. I don't believe I have a very strong preference for living in any one of these areas over the others.

So even though I'm not really a city girl, some cities simply make me feel so much (in a good way). When I think about them, when I think about being there...I feel something special. It's kind of a romantic feeling, but not exactly that either.

San Francisco is one of these cities. New York City is another one too (maybe I'll talk about it in the future). Taipei too. 

San Francisco is a dreamy city to me. It makes me think of the past, of longing, and of youthful idealism. 

Maybe it's because of the image of the clouds on the Golden Gate Bridge, the fog surrounding the city, the liberalism, the intriguing Pacific Ocean. I don't know.

Anyway, I just feel lucky that I get to feel so much. Some of my most special feelings come from the mystique and glamour of big cities.

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