Tuesday, May 9, 2017

-Yesterday evening I went over to our next door neighbor's house, and I talked to him for the first time in my whole life (he's been our neighbor for around twenty years). Yeah, in our neighborhood, people keep to themselves. It's a respect thing. Anyway, I just had a very simple question for him, so it wasn't a significant chat at all. But it still felt good. Neighborly feelings! There's something about it.

-I started looking into more ballet studios in the Bay Area for adults. (There's a creepy guy at the one I usually go to, so I'm trying to avoid that one for awhile). Anyway, I was happy and excited to see that there are lots of other ones I can try out. I like the variety too. It keep me feeling fresh. 

-I have been doing the New York Times mini-crossword pretty often. It takes me a couple minutes a day. It's free and fun.

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