Thursday, May 18, 2017

The longer I'm going on about the topic of patience, the harder it is for me. I really have to dig deep.

Today I want to talk about how having anything good in life requires patience.

I'm not talking about having superficially good things in life, happiness that mainly only lasts for moments. Such as finding a good parking space, indulging in something luxurious, experiencing thrills from an exciting activity, having a fun moment, a temporary boost to our self-esteem, etc.

I'm also not talking about having survival needs met and having basic lifestyle needs met, which is obviously a very important and good thing to have, but beyond what I'm talking about today.

I'm talking about happiness that comes from having something very meaningful to us, whatever it may be. Independence, quality relationships of all types, leaving behind a good legacy, etc. 

These things touch a part of ourselves that is very central to us. So central that they are mostly in our subconscious being.

They are significant. And the effects on us of having these things, or not having these things, are long-lasting.

These things take time to develop. Time is a key ingredient. They require patience.

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