Monday, May 1, 2017

Coming from a place of love

There's a concept that a woman is supposed to submit to a man.

This concept makes a lot of people uncomfortable and mad. 

I'm heavily opposed to this concept as well.

As a woman, I feel like it means that my rights are lesser than a man's. I feel degraded. This is disgusting and horrible! Wrong, wrong, wrong. I have an immediate instinct to sprint the other way.

Okay. But slowly, I've been realizing that it's actually shallow and one-sided of me to think of "submit" in this way.

This degradation isn't what "submit" has to mean at all.

"Submit" can also mean something entirely different. Something so loving.

"Submit" can also mean...TRUST! Trusting that a man, who is in the position of power, will take my needs into utmost consideration (beyond his own needs), and carry this through.

Assuming I find the right man, trust is not a stupid or naive thing to do. It's a loving thing to do.

I think about it this way...if the roles were reversed, and I was in the position of power...what would I do? 

Would I be loving enough to take a man's trust and use it to do things solely for his benefit?

If the answer to that is yes, then I should be able to trust that the right man would do the same for me as well.

I have some problems with trust, submit, whatever you want to call it. So I guess this means, that I have some problems with being a loving person. I do feel ashamed of myself now and realize that I need to be a better person here.

Okay. But I have one final gripe about "submit" before I can be fully on board.

My new thought is, why can't we all just be equals then? No one has to be in power, and no one has to submit. We can all just be equals!


I know the answer to this. I just don't want to admit it.

But here it is. I'm internally battling with myself here.

The answer to my last question is that...if we were all equals, if there was no concept of power and submission, then that might not necessarily be a bad thing. But there would be less opportunity to display love. Much less opportunity. And maybe that would be a bad thing then, after all. 

Sigh. I've convinced myself. I guess this means that I really do need to work on the submit, trust, part of my character. 

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