Monday, April 24, 2017

What it feels like for a girl

A moment of love 

A bond between you and me 
Opposites attract 
I love this union 
I love you

Now I let myself get completely wrapped up in you

I let you seep into my pores
Every inch of my inner being 
You're there 
We should always be together
Joined together like this 
Being bonded together like this is the very best 

And yet

Deep down inside
A little voice speaks
It's so quiet I barely hear it 
But it's there

The little voice tells me

I am not acting right 
I have lost myself in you
I am engulfing you
I am twisted 

I let the voice continue speaking 

It grows louder 
I hear the voice so clearly now 

I choose to do what's right 

I wrestle with myself
Trying to overcome my inner demons  

In the midst of all this 

I finally feel how weak I am
How weak I really am 
At my core 

Strangely enough

Feeling my weakness actually feels good 
Really good 
Really, really good 
So good 
Simply because it's who I really am 

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