Sunday, March 5, 2017

Here is the counterpart to yesterday's post. The addition of this post gives you the whole picture.

What Jesse did to me that hurt me, that I need to forgive him for

Jesse still wanted to be with, and was with, other girls.

He didn't want to commit to anyone. He wanted freedom and to have fun. 

At the same time, he had pursued an emotional connection with me that was real. I couldn't deny the emotional connection.

I felt stabbing pain knowing about his other girls. No girl should ever go through this.

I even saw one of his girls, one time. He brought her to work. I will forever remember what she was wearing. Her demeanor. Her attraction to and chemistry with Jesse. I saw it. 

No girl should ever go through this.

Additionally, Jesse didn't protect me when I most needed him to.

For about three years, I was bullied at work by a group of coworkers while he was here. He was part of this group; they accepted him. Jesse was powerful at work. 

But Jesse didn't use his power to help me. So that made him just as bad as the bullies at work.

He betrayed me.

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