Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Conclusion to my series of posts on forgiveness 

Whew. This has been really intense for me. I'm glad it's almost over. 

Through this series of posts, I learned that I have a severe problem recognizing when I need to forgive someone and when I need forgiveness from someone. Basically, I'm just totally unaware of things people did to me that actually really hurt me, and of things I did to others that really hurt them. 

This realization is humbling. It's also alarming. I'm scared of not being able to recognize basic things. 

I just have to trust that I'll get better at recognizing when I need to forgive and/or be forgiven. I'm feeling positive about this :). 

Now, I want to end on a further positive note. I think that this series of posts is going to make me feel a lot better. I still have to let it sink in for a bit right now. So we'll see. But, I do think that this will happen. I have more forgiveness in my heart now. :)

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