Monday, February 27, 2017

I forgive you <insert name>

Hey, guess what?

I didn't even know I was mad at you
That's how bad it was 
I had to numb myself 

Well, now I know

And it's not pretty 
You're ugly 
You're so ugly 

I'm swirling

And I'm ugly, worse than ugly 
It's downright dirty in here
So dirty it's poison

Get this poison out of my body! My life! My world! 


Well, this isn't working. There's only one thing that will work. 

I hate you so much 

You don't deserve this from me, what I'm about to give you
But I will give it to you
Because I want peace 
And because I want to live a life of love, not hate 

You owe me so much...

But I've erased your debt to me
You are clean
You are...forgiven 
I forgive you <insert name>

Part of me is dying as I do this, erasing your debt to me, completely free of charge 

But this is life

Life isn't perfect 

I forgive you <insert name>

I'm no longer mad at you
The poison that was here
Has vanished in a puff
It's like it was never, ever here 

I can smile again 

I can laugh again 
I can feel good again, be good again

Now, feeling good 

Feels twice as sweet as before

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