Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am little

I am ugly 
I am dark 
I am worthless
I am no good 
I deserve to be kicked around 
Actually, this doesn't even begin to describe me 
This description is too generous 

You hate me 

You hate me so, so much 
You utterly hate me 

I can almost see the steam rising around you

The blackness coming off of you
And I cannot blame you 
You are right, and I am not 

I am in so much misery 

Over the realization of what I have done to you
I hurt you, most badly 
I can't take it back
Now it tears me apart 
I suffer immensely 


You are strange 

For some reason, when I actually deserve the worst, you give me the best 

You clear me of my wrongdoing 

It's all gone 
You forgive me

This is wonderful 

Just wonderful 
I am so happy 
So very, very happy 
Deep inside of me, I cannot stop smiling 

I am really happy 

Really, really happy

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