Friday, February 17, 2017

Waiting for a guy to make the next move, the big move

In the beginning

I thought you were cute
But only good for a fling
For a serious thing, I wrote you off right away
I don't know why
It was in my head
I was close-minded

I wasn't interested in a fling though

I'm not that kind of girl
So I didn't pay any attention to you

You had more insight than me

You're better than me

You pursued me a lot

So much that I felt dizzy
You were

Slowly, I became convinced

I'm not easy to crack
I think you liked that about me
It made you chase me even more

From definitely zero interest

I thought I would give you a small chance

You received my signal

You had been waiting for this

Now, I was involved

I wanted something to happen

It was your move to make again

And so I waited

And waited
And waited
And waited

For a girl, once interested, any amount of waiting

Feels like torture
And I didn't just wait a small amount
I waited a big amount 
This was torture times one million

You weren't trying to torture me 

You were just taking your time
Doing things the right way
Being a grounded and solid person

Even though I kept it all inside

You knew my angst
As I waited
Everyone knows
That this is how girls get

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