Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hip hop

I have talked about ballet a lot here, and I feel like I have somewhat of an understanding of ballet. It comes intuitively to me. I'm not experienced and don't have great skill, but I get it.

Hip hop is a different story. I don't feel it in my soul. But I like it, and I think I could be good enough at it if I really tried.

Anyway, here is my understanding of hip hop thus far:

-It's "street." I hear that a lot. I'm sure there are a lot of interpretations for that. To me, I guess this means that there are "no rules." It's weird. Hip hop has rules, like all dance, but doesn't.

-It's not polished. In ballet, the default posture is to stand straight and elegantly. In hip hop, it's to slouch and bend your knees.

-It's fun! Fun is up to the dancer to find it. Maybe it means being happy. Maybe it means breaking rules. Maybe it means being sexy and "bad." Maybe it means blatantly showing off. Maybe it means being unpredictable.

Yeah, I like it!

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