Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hi, I'd like to be accountable to myself (that's a first) so here is a list of some of the bad things I've done lately: 

-I lied to my boss. It was a lie about something very minor. I said I had done something, when I hadn't. She asked me in such a critical way, maybe her tone could have been a little softer and then maybe I wouldn't have lied? Anyway, none of this justifies what I did. 

-I have been using a lot of swear words and bad words lately when I'm annoyed at things. I think it started with driving in lots of traffic all the time, which was stressful. Anyway, I do this a lot now. 

-I'm really vain about showing off to people about how great I can look with my outfits. I think about how much I can impress people.

Sigh. I feel gross now. I still accept myself...I think.

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