Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Yesterday I was driving my car and I had a moment. I do a lot of feeling/processing in my car, as I drive. I'm not sure why. I think when I'm doing an activity, but somewhat mindless one, for a long stretch of time...things just come to me more easily or something. Shrug.

Anyway, my moment was...I really, really like life right now. I actually enjoy being single. Maybe really enjoy it. Of course, it was just a moment. This feeling comes and goes. I'm not on a constant high all the time or anything.

Honestly, I never understood how girls could say they enjoy being single. I always felt like they were kind of lying. Or maybe numbing a part of themselves. When girls said they "enjoy being single", I always got that feeling of when you see someone's Facebook page or Instagram and all you see are wonderful pictures of their lives, updated constantly. I felt like girls who said they "enjoy being single" were kind of, I don't know, trying too hard? 

Anyway, now I want to change my original thought. My new thought goes something like this...

"Enjoying being single" doesn't mean that I don't want to be in a relationship or that I'm fine with being single forever. At all.

It doesn't mean that my life is perfect. 

It means that more often than not, I feel pretty okay with everything. And sometimes, more than just okay. Maybe even great.

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