Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I refuse to talk to my mom any longer on this trip and maybe afterwards in general too. I just don't want to interact or be around someone who is deeply unhappy whenever she sees me, because I'm not the kind of person she likes. If I was a really business-oriented person and extroverted, then she would like me. I have to be around her, but that doesn't mean I have to talk to her. Just for breathing and being me...I'm like, punished. The worst thing is, I'm punished for things that aren't even negative personality traits of me. They're just my personality traits. 

It's a shame that I'm in paradise. I wish someone else was here in place of me to experience this glorious place, because I'm not. 

Anyway, I refuse to any longer have a relationship with my mom where we talk for fun or hang out for fun. This is better than me yelling at her, or being in a dead depression, or losing myself because I can't be myself. This is the best I can do with the hand I've been dealt.

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