Thursday, November 10, 2016

Places I like in the Bay Area

There's nothing extremely special about them necessarily. They just make me happy!
-Nordstrom's at Stanford Shopping Center: This department store is down the road from the main part of Stanford Shopping Center. So it's less hectic. It feels peaceful and calm here.  
-Yiassoo in Cupertino (Greek restaurant): It's cheap, it's yummy Greek food, it's fast, it's convenient, it's been here forever, easygoing vibe.  
-Lozano Brushless Car Wash in Mountain View: It gets an important job done for me that I have no desire to do myself, and it's quick and efficient. I love a clean car. 
-Tai Kee Won Ton in San Jose (Taiwanese food): They have good food and it's clean. I like their popcorn chicken plate especially. 
-Books Inc in Mountain View: It's right in the middle of busy Castro Street. It feels iconic to me, in a way. I just browse in here.  
-Rick's Cafe in Los Altos: A popular breakfast/brunch place. I just love breakfast/brunch. I like getting their omelettes and vegetable crepe. I like their hash browns. Everything tastes fresh to me!  
-Valley Fair shopping mall in San Jose: I often complain about this place to myself internally...the crowds, the size. But actually, I don't know what I would do without it. I can find almost anything I need here. And it's been here forever.

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