Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lunch break

I was originally planning on taking a walk around the office at lunch today. I feel like I need the exercise, and the weather seems reasonable. I brought/wore suitable clothes to walk in. Then, when I was walking into work, I realized I forgot my exercise shoes! 

I had so wanted to take a walk during lunch, that I briefly contemplated taking a walk in my Toms mules. No...that's not a good idea. Then I even thought of driving back home during lunch to grab my exercise shoes. Which is a ridiculous idea, because the drive home and back would take me one hour, which is the length of my lunch break.

So, I scrapped the idea of taking a walk at lunch.

Instead, I think I'll go eat at this Burmese/Thai restaurant near my work. It is SO GOOD. 

Now I can't wait for lunch to get here!!!

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