Monday, November 28, 2016

Last week I was writing about fall. Now I want to write about winter. Fall always feels like it happens in a blink. Kind of a shame, because fall is nice. But fall feels like it wasn't meant to drag on anyway. Fall reminds me of how time is fleeting.

I have a weird relationship with winter. When I was growing up, I hated winter. Gloomy skies made me feel gloomy.

But for some time now, it's been my favorite season.

Also, I live in California. It doesn't snow here. It doesn't get extremely cold. I'm not sure how all that would affect my feelings on winter. 

Anyway, winter is my favorite season!

I love winter because everything instantly feels more meaningful in winter. When the air is cold, when it's dark more often, when the weather is difficult, when things just feel slower...almost radio silent...

Life is a little more challenging. But I love these challenges!


Because these challenges give us an opportunity to overcome them and fill life with even more warmth!

Winter represents warmth, coziness, love to me.

Winter takes life and feelings to new levels!

The more darkness I see, the more light I also see.

Something like that.

Winter is deep. I like that.

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