Wednesday, November 2, 2016

30 minute writing challenge

The challenge was to write something in 30 minutes that used these words: lighthouse, rabbits, rosebush, ice skates.

Here's what I wrote!

Fred and Martha rabbit were enjoying the sunny afternoon, playing in the grass and rosebush. They saw their friend Katy cat, approaching them with a large basket in her hand.

"Katy! What brings you over? And what do you have there?" They exclaimed to her.

"I'm off to Europe for two weeks! It's my European vacation! Before I leave, I wanted to give this food basket to Samuel koala bear. He's been such a dear friend to me. But I'm late for my trip! Would you two mind finding Samuel and making sure he gets it?" she said.

"Of course!" The rabbits replied. "What's in there?"

They peeked inside the basket, and saw a delicious assortment of sandwiches, baked goods, and fruit inside.

"Thank you so much!" Katy said.

"Bye! And enjoy your trip!" They said.

"Now, where can he be?" Martha wondered aloud, when they were alone with the basket.

"Let's stop by his home first. Maybe he's at home." Fred said.

Fred and Martha walked over to Samuel's treehouse, which was not far away. When they got to his door, they saw a sign on it indicating that he was "Not in."

"Oh! He must have gone out for the day then." Fred said. "I know! He likes to ice skate! Maybe he's at the lake!"

When they got to the lake, disappointingly, Samuel was not there either. But Fred and Martha both loved to ice skate, so they took a little time out to ice skate on the lake.

They put on ice skates. Fred did some jumps. Martha did some spins. It was so much fun, and they wanted to keep going on, but after an hour, they knew they had to stop. They still had to find Samuel and deliver the basket to him.

Now, they were out of ideas for where Samuel could be. They sat at the lake, stumped.

Then Martha got an idea.

"Let's go back to his home! Maybe there are some clues there as to where he might be." she said.

They walked back to his treehouse. Then they peered through his window. They saw many beautiful oil and watercolor landscape paintings of the beach in his room. They remembered that Samuel also loved to paint.

"He must be painting at the beach!" They concluded.

The beach was a little far away, so they had to wait for the train and take the train all the way to the sea.

Once there, they eagerly walked out onto the beach. It was so beautiful. It was very serene and quiet, and a little misty. It was a very peaceful environment.

Then, they spotted a lone figure, sitting on the beach, with an easel propped up in front of him.

"There he is! He's painting something!"

Fred and Martha ran over to Samuel. Samuel was surprised to see them, but he greeted his friends happily. They saw that he was painting a picture of the lighthouse, out in the distance.

"That's beautiful!" Martha said admiringly.

"And look! We brought you a basket of food from Katy!" They told Samuel.

Samuel was thrilled to receive the basket. He welcomed the visit from his friends, and then the three of them decided to sit down at the beach and spend the rest of the day having a delicious picnic there.

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