Monday, October 24, 2016

Writing Challenge

This is just for fun. I found it online. The rules are:
1. No more than 750 words. 
2. The prompt is "The questions mounted up." I don't actually have to use this as a first line, but this is a starting point.
Here's my piece!

The questions mounted up. Sadie frowned, puzzled. Then she put on her black detective cap and pushed her black-rimmed glasses up her nose again. She felt she worked better as a detective when she looked like one too. And right now, she really needed to put all her smarts and sound judgment to good use. 

Sadie looked at the crime scene around her. Just a few minutes earlier, she had thought she had it all figured out.


The principal of Lockwood High School had frantically called her this morning. His briefcase had been stolen from his office.

Sadie had rushed over to the school at once. After reviewing the evidence, Sadie was almost sure that the janitor had stolen it. 

The janitor had definitely been in the principal's office, and when Sadie had questioned her, she had no defense except that, "It wasn't me." The janitor had also been weirdly going around asking students for extra jobs, extra money, lately. Sadie was almost sure that it was the janitor.

Case closed! Sadie took one last look around the principal's office.

Just then, she noticed a student walking by the principal's office. Sadie thought she would try to get some information from him.

"Hi! I'm Sadie. I'm here to investigate a recent theft. Mind if I ask you some questions about your school? It'll be quick."


"Great! What's your name?"


"And how long have you been a student here?"

"What?!" he asked, sounding surprised. "Oh, um, I don't know. Oh, um, 2 years?" Todd said, sounding unsure.

Weird, Sadie thought, silently to herself. Well, maybe I'm just intimidating or he's awkward. She moved on.

"What do you think about the janitor, Lola?  Any impressions of her?"

"Oh. Lola?, not really. I don't really know. Sorry." 

"Oh okay. Well, thanks for talking to me. I won't keep you up. Enjoy the rest of your lunch!" Sadie said to him.

"Thanks!" Todd said. He flashed her a grin. "I'm going to the donut shop. Have a nice day!" He waved to her and left.

Sadie waved back at him. Then, it hit her. The donut shop? Strange. She had never seen a high school student there at lunch before. It was a place mostly old, retired men went to.

Suddenly, this case didn't seem so clear-cut to her anymore. There was something strange about Todd...


Sadie sat at the donut shop with her back to the next table, pretending to read a book. Sitting in back of her, at the next table, was Todd and an older man.  

They didn't seem to notice her. They were too engrossed in their conversation. 

Sadie took out her special recorder and cleverly hid it in her jacket sleeve.

She quickly realized that the older man was Todd's father. They were having a quiet, but intense, conversation.

"I did everything you told me said that after this, we could go back to Arizona." Todd whined to his father.

Sadie guessed that Arizona was where they were from. Wait! And the principal is from Arizona too! Sadie remembered that he had gone to the state college there.

"Henry took everything from me!" Todd's father replied indignantly.

Henry was the school principal. Sadie listened even more intently.

"Yes, I know..." Todd replied wearily, as if he had heard this many times before.

"Everything! Ten years ago! He made me invest all my money in that stupid scheme! It was the end of me! I lost everything!!! Nothing's been the same since!"

He paused for a few seconds before continuing.

"Henry should have helped me out after that. He really should have. He failed me. He failed me. And look at me now. Look at us now. Always scraping by to make ends meet. It was only right for us to take that briefcase, Todd. Now we have his bank accounts, information, everything. We deserve this!"

Bingo! Sadie got it all on her recorder. She calmly walked outside to make an important phone call to her boss.

"Chief, I got them."

Less than ten minutes later, Sadie triumphantly watched as the police entered the donut shop and then walked out of it, with both Todd and his father in handcuffs. Sadie had done her job, and she had done it well.

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