Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thoughts that are going through my head when I practice ballet (besides remembering what step I'm on):

Use your core!!!

Support your elbows 
Strong arms 
Turn out your feet 
Graceful curved hands 
Keep your legs straight 

Thoughts I might be kind of thinking about, but not really, because I don't have enough bandwidth:

Head straight 

Graceful, long neck 
Eyes straight ahead, not down at the ground 
Point your feet harder, flex your feet harder 
Shoulders down
Relaxed face, smile, breathe 

Thoughts I'm consciously telling myself to ignore for now, but that I need to remember to examine when I have more time:

You need to study and perfect your first position arms 

You need to figure out your arms, overall 
You need to study and perfect your starting position without the barre 

It's so pretty, so it's worth it.

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