Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The interesting paradox of ballet

Which is really the interesting paradox of me

And maybe why I love ballet in my soul...

If there's one, tangible activity or thing that represents perfection in this world...

To me, it's ballet. Ballet is all about achieving perfection. When you dance ballet, you aim to be perfect.

Perfection is the very definition of ballet. It's in the details. Ballet is all about the details.

The paradox is that ballet forces you to demand perfection, while at the same time, you will actually never be perfect.

And this is the way I operate with almost anything I really care about, not just ballet. I am a perfectionist. I go for perfection. I have high standards. It makes life worth living for. But at the same time...I have to admit that I will fall short.

This paradox is so mentally frustrating to go through most of the time! I struggle.

But when I do achieve a balance, it's just great.

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