Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Random, interesting things (to me) that other people have recently told me about:

-My coworker told me about a beer duck she made for a potluck. It was a duck she cooked in beer for a couple hours. I've never heard of beer duck, but it sounds delicious! I like eating Peking duck, and I like eating beer-battered things. There's also Chinese Drunken Chicken (chicken cooked in wine), which is pretty delicious. (I'm just trying to imagine what beer duck would taste like). 

-One of the women at the dance store told me about how tap dancing is very popular among adults in the Bay Area. I had no idea! How cool! I don't think I'm much of a tap dancer, but I think it's very interesting to watch!

-My coworker has been talking to me about Oktoberfest in Germany. Okay, this I did know about, but it wasn't something I ever thought much about. She definitely wants to go. She makes me want to go!

-The woman at the sandwich shop I sometimes buy sandwiches from at lunch told me about a sewage problem she had to investigate herself because the landlord wouldn't look into it. It smelled bad outside the shop. This made me realize a little how hard people in the food industry work. They wear many different hats.

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