Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Personal, recent movie reviews 
(definitely not from a film critic POV)

I am not a film critic and am not sophisticated enough to view movies as an art. I just watch them for enjoyment and if they make me feel/think something. That's all!


Okay, I loved this movie. I watched it in IMAX, which was definitely part of the whole experience for me. I think watching it in IMAX was an integral part of the experience actually, especially for the scenes during the actual flight, landing, and rescue. You REALLY feel like you're actually there.

The acting was great. Tom Hanks was great. The rapport between the two main characters was great (the pilot and his co-pilot). The actors really got across the different layers of their friendship and relationship. 

This wasn't your typical action or drama movie. It was shot in a very realistic fashion (and well), so it almost had a documentary-like feel to it.

I thought the plotline with the government agency investigation was interesting and handled pretty well. Maybe some of it was dramatized, I don't know, but on the whole, everything in this movie seemed pretty subtle. I didn't feel like there were outright villains. Just humans, being imperfect, and making their way through an imperfect world.

Anyway, the one thing I really liked about this movie, above all else, was how it really explored one character: Sully, the pilot. To me, this wasn't really a movie about the flight landing or the subsequent investigation. It was an exploration into the deep, inner workings of the human soul. (Kind of like what my blog is?)

There were issues of...

Doubt, to the point where you wonder if you are crazy. Integrity. Why does the media, and society, and the masses, celebrate certain (almost useless?) things? Believing in yourself. Not getting caught up in hype. How reality - what people think of you, how the media portrays you - can be so different from another reality, what's actually going on inside of you. 

There was so much good stuff there! I can't sift through it all.

I feel like, all of this meaning could only have been achieved through a director such as Clint Eastwood, who has clearly lived through a lot and has the experience/wisdom to tell a human story such as this.

Bridget Jones Baby:

I really enjoyed watching this movie, but I didn't like it.

I'll explain myself.

I laughed a lot. The actors were comical, the plotline was funny, the writing was clever, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I was never once bored.

Also, I just have to say this: Renee Zellweger has aged a lot. So has Colin Firth. But I think it's different for women. I thought she was brave for putting herself out there. They show her, wrinkles and all. She's not really covered in too much makeup. 

I didn't like this movie because I didn't like how the movie handled its basic premise (having a baby and not knowing who the father was because of various relations).

I understand that we live in a modern age, but to me, this is not what a family should be. Something's still lost. A lot is still lost, if this is the definition of family.

This movie just depressed me.

Bridget Jones Baby, after the laughs were over, just left me feeling...sad. To be honest, I kind of wish I hadn't watched it.

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