Saturday, October 1, 2016

My favorite baking recipes

When I do's almost always for one, main reason:

I want to eat that thing.

I guess I tend to crave the tried-and-true, classic desserts!
Chocolate chip cookies
These are crispy and soft, and they have a good taste to them.

Rice krispie treats
The secret is to melt the butter sloooowly.

These are chewy brownies! Not too soft nor too dense. This is my number one criteria for a good brownie.

There is no recipe really...but my "secret" to a good pie crust is to use an all-butter crust. Versus shortening. I find that the flavor is better, and I feel healthier about the ingredient choice.

As for pie filling, I like using really fresh fruit, and I try not to mix it with too many other ingredients.

Blueberry muffins
I don't like overly sweet or dense muffins. These muffins have yogurt in them, and they taste light and fresh. I also don't make the dipping sauce; I just eat and serve the muffins as-is.

Pound cake, Banana bread
I have yet to find recipes that I like for each of these. I'm leaning towards recipes that use some sour cream/yogurt in my experience, this helps the loaves taste less dry.
These desserts represent something extra-nice in this world :).

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