Thursday, October 6, 2016

Memories from last fall

-We decorated the office for Halloween, especially in the lobby. It was pretty nice. I tried keeping the decorations fun and fall-like, versus spooky. I looked for orange decorations and colorful characters. I bought all the decorations at the dollar store, which was great. It was so cheap!

Super fun experience, super fun-looking lobby.

-I tried baking my first pie by myself. It was a blueberry pie. It was a disaster. I tried cutting in the butter with my fingers, which totally did not work at all. 

My pie was brown, and it tasted tough like cardboard. Though it did look a little pretty because I had made a lattice top.

I was both proud of myself for making a pie, and terribly scarred by this experience. 

-Thanksgiving day, I had these plans to bake/cook something to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. 

The day started out wonderfully. I had slept in, and I felt the holiday spirit in the air.

Sometime around noon, I heard a loud "bang" outside the house. I quickly learned that the water heater had broke.

I knew nothing about appliances. I was really frazzled. It was also impossible to replace the water heater, because it was a holiday. 

I scrapped all plans to cook/bake something for Thanksgiving dinner. I took a cold shower before heading out.

This definitely wasn't how I had planned my Thanksgiving would go. But it was memorable!

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