Friday, October 7, 2016

Doing something nice for myself

I don't really do nice things for myself...

It's weird.

I mean, sometimes it looks like I'm doing nice things for myself...

I buy myself nice food to eat.
I buy myself nice clothes.
I give myself time to relax.
I spend some time on my hobbies. 
I splurge on an expensive photo frame for childhood photos of myself.

And in doing these things, I AM doing nice things for myself. But for me, doing these things is ALSO, always mixed in with a sense of duty that fully justifies doing them. Such as,

I have a duty to take care of my body.
I have a duty to look presentable in public.
I have a duty to take care of myself mentally.
I have a duty to be me, fully me. 

I am a VERY duty-oriented gal!

That's all fine and stuff, but I think I should also do something nice for myself once in awhile, just because. No other attachments.

I really want to try out one of the meal-kit delivery services, PeachDish. I don't have any other reason for wanting to do this, other than because I think it would be so fun!

So I ordered two meals: Chicken & Dumplings, and Orecchiette with Broccolini!

This is definitely my treat for myself! I don't want to treat myself all the time...but once in a very little awhile :).

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