Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A large tree, hundreds of years old, standing beautifully in a large forest. The forest goes on for miles and miles and miles. There seems to be no beginning nor end to this forest.

There are many other trees likes this one in the forest, but this tree, in particular, stands out above all the rest. It's bigger and taller. Its branches more multitudinous and twisted. Its color, dark brown, a richer shade of brown than the other trees. It stands, stately and firmly rooted in the ground.

The forest is very brown. There are trunks and branches everywhere, and soil. Upon closer inspection, there are little mysteries and charms in every corner of the forest.

Silver threads dangling through the air, interwoven with each other, creating an intricate web of ethereal, sparkling threads. Little diamonds, in all different shapes, perched among the various trees.

This is the enchanted forest, where many mysteries are just waiting to be discovered.

And cue back to reality. I'm practicing my imagination.

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