Friday, September 16, 2016

Today I'm going to do something I'm very bad at...

Talking myself up. 

I am SO BAD at this. I don't know why. 

Want to watch awkwardness in action? Here we go...

I'm squirming.

Wow, I feel really uncomfortable.

Anyway, I gotta do this.

I don't know why...I, like, physically can't do this...

I was just born with a certain amount of low self-esteem, man. No environmental factors could've changed me. I think it has something to do with being a girl.

Don't judge me! can. I admit, I've got problems.

Okay, now I think I can start.

I'm awkward, let me first give you an overview of the main topics I will be bringing up today:

1. The um, great thing I did, to leave law and become a receptionist. It wasn't easy, it was hard. How many people do you know who have done this by choice? 
2. I'm super emotional and super rational, at the same time. 
3. I'm incredibly honest with myself. I've actually got um, really high self-esteem too...because, that's what it takes to be so honest with ourselves.

You know, actually, this is all I can handle for now. I'm going to come back to these topics at a later date. I just can't keep acknowledging myself and doing myself justice like this.

I aint poifect man!

I'm also going around squirming uncomfortably for the rest of the day, as I let this post sink in.

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