Monday, September 19, 2016

The really great thing I did: I left law and became a receptionist

(Following up on this post)

I was never officially a lawyer, but I graduated from law school and did some legal work at a law office afterwards. I knew that I could be an excellent lawyer. 

But I left law because I wanted to be true to myself.

I didn't have a dream to be a lawyer. I never did. I had a dream to be a receptionist at a small-ish office. 

Why does that feel so wrong to say? It shouldn't. The reason I wanted to be a receptionist wasn't because I was lazy or rebellious or scared to chase after things. I wanted to be a receptionist because I knew I would truly enjoy this work. 

I was humble. 

In a way that very few people can say they are. 

And I still am. I'm an extraordinarily humble person.

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