Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm not really a shoe kind of girl (compared to how insane some girls get), but I do like to wear decently nice outfits. So that means I need decently cute shoes.

For me, this is particularly important when I wear skirts and dresses (which I do want to wear more of).

I'm looking for a semi-casual shoe to be worn with semi-casual, everyday skirts and dresses.

I have a few requirements:

-Probably priority number one: It needs to be comfortable and give my feet some support. 

-I want it to have a little heel (a very little one). I think a little heel glams up the outfit a little more.

-I want it to be cute. Cute is in the eye of the beholder. For me, this mostly means that it can't look totally out of date, clunky, etc.

-My feet are kind of wide, but narrow at the heel. It's hard for me to buy shoes that fit well. Shoes are often feel tight, but at the same time feel like they're slipping. So, I typically buy shoes that have some strap running through them, like Mary Janes.

-I want it to be a shoe that can be worn every day, but not wear out and start to smell (sorry to be really gross). But, for example, I find that when I wear certain sandals/shoes-without-socks everyday, they tend to have this problem. 

The search is on!

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