Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm incredibly honest with myself.

I force myself to face the things that I know, deep down, VERY deep down, are true. Most of them are hard truths.

I'm not perfect at this. That's impossible. We all need to be in some amount of denial about things, in order to get through the days and life. 

So, while I am not living in complete truth with myself about everything...

I am more truthful with myself, than the average person probably is. A lot more truthful.

Being honest with ourselves is good because this is where morality starts. From there, we can get things like...

Real love, real peace, real justice...

It's not shallow. It's so much better.

Being so honest with myself takes A LOT of inner confidence. It's the only get through all the difficult truths.

I'm honest with myself about...

The garbage in this world. 
The garbage in others.
The garbage in myself.

I acknowledge it in a lot of places that most people don't.

I'm an honest girl, honest with myself. 

I'm proud of myself.

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