Friday, September 23, 2016

I like this memory

The last few times he had been coming into the office, I noticed that Jesse had been driving a different car to work.

I was very intrigued to know what was up with this.

I walked into the kitchen to ask him about this. 

"Hey, did you get a new car?" I asked him.

No, he told me. This car was just a rental. He had been rear-ended, and he was getting his car repaired.

I asked him if he was okay. He was.

Then I told him how my sister had just totaled her car. I told him that she was fine. Then we talked about what she was going to do with her totaled car, for a little bit.

After that bit, I felt the conversation coming to a natural end. I started thinking about mosey-ing my way out of the kitchen.

Then Jesse brought it up again.

"Is your sister okay?" He asked me.

I had told him that she was fine, and I had meant it. She really was fine. 

I wanted to tell him again, that she was fine. 

Jesse was looking at me though. His full attention was on me. I felt compelled to share the whole picture.

I told him that she was basically fine, but had complained about some whiplash.

He told me that she should see a chiropractor then. He even made a cracking motion with his neck as he said this.

I agreed with his suggestion.

He had stated the obvious, but that didn't matter.

Jesse was so sweet :).

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