Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I don't know.

I don't really want to go around pretending or acting like certain things are okay, when I know they're not and I know that if people were more honest with themselves, they would see it too.

I understand that it's easier to act like bad things are good. It's more convenient.

When I'm honest and recognize the bad things for what they are...I cause myself internal discomfort, and I get in trouble for speaking up (when I do).

Sometimes I feel like the lone wolf in seeing the truth of things. I wonder if I'm crazy.

But then, I remind myself that:

-Other people probably see the truth and feel a similar way that I do, and are just not voicing their opinions.


-Just because everyone around me, at the time, happens to excuse the bad things, doesn't mean they're right. It just means that I'm hanging around a very small sample size of people.

I hate feeling discomfort and the unpleasant emotions that come from recognizing bad things in the world. I hate it as much as the next person.

But I want to recognize bad stuff for what it is, because I want good to exist. Good cannot exist if it's tainted with bad; if we excuse the bad things.

So I'm going to be a little quiet today.

I'm sad to see bad things in this world.

I'm sad to see people excusing it. Because they're just contributing to it.

I'm sad, sad, sad.

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