Thursday, September 29, 2016


One person, standing alone and sad
Away from the bright gaggle of people

I have experienced loneliness in my life
Maybe more so than other people
It's how I started out
Though, everyone will feel it at some point or another

It felt black
Black, black, black
I didn't know where it started and there was no end
All I knew was black

I saw warmth, the bright flicker of warmth
But I could not have it

In small doses, loneliness is bearable
It's a bothersome ache

Left to linger, and grow stronger,
Eats away at everything that we are

It eats away at our sense of self
At our ability to think clearly
At our ability to know that joy is available in life

The longer we are in this,
The harder it is to climb back out

But sometimes, at a moment when we don't expect it
That is when the first crack to this black canvas of loneliness
Starts to appear

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