Friday, August 12, 2016

What law did for me (my legal background)

So, many years ago, I went to and graduated from law school, a pretty good one. Then, I worked at a law office for a couple years (part-time, if you could call it that) but I did some pretty substantial legal work. Then, I chose to work as a receptionist for many years. 

I'm not going back to law again (as certain as I can be), but that doesn't mean it's not part of who I am and that my background doesn't affect me. Even if I'm doing something completely different, as different as it can possibly be, law is still part of me. 

I actually already have a chapter about the positive effects of my legal training on me, in my memoir. The chapter pretty much explains everything. But..if my legal background is a part of me, then it makes sense that I would still talk about it. So here we go.

Well, I guess, first I want to start by saying some of the most hurtful things I heard from people when they found out I wasn't into law.

I'm not mad at anyone (anymore), but I mean...the memories still stay with me.

Probably the worst thing I heard was when someone told me that she thought I was giving up on law, because it was really hard for me and probably the first time I really had to struggle in my life thus far, and that I didn't know how to handle this. She was disapproving.

My mom said a similar thing to me, which was that she called me a quitter, and made me feel like I lacked a certain amount of integrity.

They weren't right, but there isn't really much you can say back to people who want to believe these things about you.

From my experience with this, and other experiences I've had in my short life, I've learned just how horrible being a judgmental person to others is, and I don't want to be judgmental to others.

I've learned the importance of being open-minded about other people; hopefully I can apply it and keep it up. The only thing I WILL judge someone for is if he/she has bad intent, in itself. But outside of that, I don't want to judge anyone's lifestyle choices as being bad. It's all good.

Law still affects me profoundly because I remember what I achieved, and I'm proud of it. Not just while in law school, but afterwards while working in the law office (which probably no one knows about). So, it's enough for me. 

It just made me really confident. I can't explain it. I feel like I can solve any problem - well, not EVERY problem, but enough to be able to get by, and certainly above-average. It's just a feeling of confidence.

I feel like I can hold my own among people. I know I'm not a genius and there are lots of people much smarter than me in this world, and that's totally fine. But I also feel like, in a way, no one can talk circles around me. I know that, I know my stuff. 

Going into law was a mistake, but there are good things that came out of that mistake, and that's what I take with me. 

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