Sunday, August 14, 2016

Olympic Thoughts 2 

Hi, here are more of my thoughts on the Olympics in Rio. It's halfway over. This is just a list of random things entering into my head. 

First of all, can I say SIMONE BILES. Okay, on Monday I wrote about how we might have some role models coming out of women's gymnastics. Little did I know that ***I*** was going to be part of the group influenced. Can you have role models who are so much younger than you? Yes, you can. Simone is awesome!!!

I think this is going to turn into a post mostly about Simone. First of all, I love her gymnastics. Normally, I like watching gymnastic styles that are more graceful and artistic, almost dancer-like. Simone is the opposite - she's just pure athleticism, a powerhouse. And guess what? I'm hooked. She's like a cannonball!!! 

But most of all, I LOVE her attitude. She's one humble gal. She doesn't put on airs, even when she couldn't possibly be more impressive and accomplished. I love her family - her adopted mom and dad!! I can see where she gets her great attitude from. I love how she overcame very difficult beginnings in life. I don't know how she managed to do all this, be this way, at age nineteen. 

I really love the moment when she and Aly Raisman walked out together, both celebrating their all-around victories in front of the crowd. I love their friendship and support for each other, despite being competitors. I love how Simone was gracious and humble enough to ask Aly to share this moment with her. 

And I just love Simone's attitude about simply being at the Olympics and simply competing in them! She looks like she's just having fun. Enjoying the experience. And really - isn't this more important than winning? I think it is. And I think it takes an incredible amount of self-esteem and humbleness to embody this attitude. 

I also really love Aly Raisman. I just imagine the odds she defied - coming back for a second gymnastics Olympics, being so "old" for a gymnast, and doing even BETTER this time around! She sure broke the rules. She sure did things her way. She sure believed in herself. Yay! 

I think her parents are great too, with their extremely nervous reactions sitting in the audience. It doesn't look fake to me. They look like very normal, caring, concerned parents. Again...very down-to-earth. The Olympics didn't get to their heads. 

Finally, the conditions for many of the athletes in Rio have not been optimal at all. Take the case of the pool water that turned green, in the diving and water-polo pools. It's not acceptable for the Olympics, but I think it's funny, because you just have to take things with a grain of salt. What else could you do if you were an athlete there? 

I don't know how much the media influences my perception of these things, but it seems like all of the athletes, in general, are dealing with the suboptimal conditions pretty well. I don't hear them complaining too much. They just deal with it, spending their energy instead on performing well, regardless of the conditions. This makes them true Olympians, in my book!

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