Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm in a pretty bad mood (see yesterday's post. Or rather, today's 1:30 am post). Anyway, being in a bad mood doesn't stop me from being somewhat functional. I'm trying.

I realize I'm always talking about people I dislike. Not just in my blog. I do this in person too. There's just more to say about injustice than about things being right. But there are a lot of people I like too. So I'm going to round things out a little and talk about people I like today!

If you're not on this list, please don't be offended. This isn't an exhaustive list by ANY means. This list doesn't represent the most kind and best things people have done for me necessarily, or the people that I like the most necessarily. It's more like a random smattering of people I like, from across different parts of my life. 

  • An accountant at work. She's young and just graduated. She went on a monthlong backpacking trip in Europe after graduating. She was telling me about it, and i was very interested. It sounded like the ultimate trip. It's nice talking to coworkers who have such interesting things to share.
  • Another accountant at work. We took a one hour walk during lunch a few weeks ago, and it was really fun. We saw a lot of sights: a park, big office buildings, a very small university campus. Next time we're going to walk by a church building. She's always positive and pleasant to be around.
  • One of my good friends who I have known for many years. She's always doing nice things for me. And she keeps it real around me. This weekend she helped me go shopping for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. She found great dresses, and we had lots of fun!
  • My old boss at the law office I worked at. It was his law office. He was not just a boss, not just a mentor, but truly a real friend to me (in a fatherly way).
  • Some of the women at church: I haven't known them for very long and don't see them all that often. But I really like a few of them. They're older than me. So they talk to me as a mix between being an older, wiser person, and being just friends who chat about fun things. It's cool!

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