Thursday, August 25, 2016

I had so much fun with Throwback Wednesday yesterday that today I'm doing Throwback Thursday. It's actually on Thursday!

Throwback Thursday

Two years ago, I went to a cool Fourth of July fireworks show. It was in Sonoma, California. It's a pretty small town and definitely has that small town, quaint, Americana feel to it. For me, that made it a perfect place to watch Fourth of July fireworks!

Also, I think I secretly want to live in a small town and secretly wish I had grown up in one.

The firework show was not the biggest or most impressive I've seen, but I loved it because it had a very cool community feel to it. It took place on an ordinary-looking field, in the middle of a residential area. The houses there were all cute and quaint too.

Almost everyone walked on foot to this field, right from their houses or from the downtown area where they had been hanging out beforehand. 

I love it when people around me are walking on foot to places! Everything feels much more personal.

Then people just waited for the show to start, sitting on blankets and chatting leisurely. It was very relaxing. Kids were running around the field throwing balls and stuff. It was crowded, but not too crowded. No one had to clamor for a "good spot." Some people nearby started playing random music loudly from their stereo, and that was entertaining.

As it got darker, I enjoyed peeking into one of the houses next to the field. The lights were on. It looked eclectic inside; it was the kind of house that has lots of books. 

After it was over, I walked back to the downtown area along with the rest of the crowd, about a fifteen minute walk. There were lots of people, but it didn't feel chaotic. Everyone was in good spirits. 

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