Monday, August 15, 2016

I feel exposed. Everyone is all up in my business.

I'm writing a really personal blog. I already put myself out here. I don't care who reads this. It's for everyone. So what is Donna talking about, you're thinking to yourself.

Well, I still have problems with exposure. Just as much as anyone else. 

When Jesse showed up at the sales conference a few weeks ago, I mean, I guess it was for work, but to be honest, it didn't really seem like it either. Not entirely. It was just kind of unusual for someone in his position to be here for the sales conference, especially for some of the days that he was here.

As I talked about before, some of my coworkers had already seen what it was like between me and Jesse, a little. That was very uncomfortable for me and actually, a growing experience for me. I wasn't used to having the MOST personal parts of my life playing out in front of people. 

But actually, this was a totally normal thing to have happen. Why should relationships between people develop/happen in isolation and complete privacy from others? THAT would actually be a little strange, when I think about it.

Some things should be completely private. But some things don't need to be. And when those things remain private, it's actually a little dishonest. 

Jesse and I met in a community of people. From the very beginning, from just being ordinary coworkers and friends first, everything that happened between us has happened within the context of community. This is a great thing. If I can just get used to it and be more comfortable with it.

This feels weird for me, but currently, I'm sure some coworkers - the ones who have seen the history behind me and Jesse - know that something is up. They are watching it all happen, live, from front-row seats.

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