Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I don't have my creep-meter on. Okay, it's semi-on. It's just not as sharp as it should be, to my liking, because I don't want to give any creep towards me anything, not even an INCH.

Creep is a nebulous label. Here's my definition for it. And maybe if I can define it, in my own words, my creep-meter will be sharper going forward.

Generally, a creep is:

Someone unsafe to be around, but it's not easy to put your finger on why.

More specifically, a creep is:

1) Someone who has bad motives towards you, but at the SAME time, acts like your friend - as someone who likes you, cares about you, is harmless.

2) Someone who wants to damage you and make you inferior, through the psychological, power aspect of sex.

Also, some creeps are both of these things.

The End.

PS. Some of the creeps who pissed me off lately (who "inspired" me to write this) are: a cashier/worker at the Panera I regularly go to; a bagger at the supermarket I go to sometimes; a sales manager from work I met at the sales conference; and a guy at work that I've known and worked with for years, who barely talks, and all of a sudden decided to make moves on me.

Whew! I feel better now!

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