Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hi, today I would like to go back in time and talk about a pleasant memory from my past. I'm calling it "Throwback Wednesday." I think I'll keep this up unspecified number of weeks. Yes, this doesn't make much sense!

Throwback Wednesday #1

I went to an expensive, private school for junior high. 

It was expensive, but there were many perks to this experience.

One of them was that we had delicious buffet lunches. They were optional, and they weren't cheap. But they were so worth it! No one ever complained about school food. Everyone raved about it. It was something to look forward to, every day.

Everything they offered at the buffet was delicious. We had a sandwich bar; everything in it was fresh, and it was abundant. They also had the best potato chips (thick and ridged), and I would fill up a big part of my plate with them.

I always saved my plate for the hot meal section though. The selection changed every day, and I could always count on it to be delicious. I remember ribs and potato skins.

Afterwards, I would take my plate and eat in the wooden dining hall (a little Harry Potter-esque), or more often, outside on the lawn with friends. 

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