Monday, August 22, 2016

An embarrassing story #2

Several months ago, I decided to try out a jazz class on Saturday morning. I had no idea what to expect, which was fine. I walked in blindly. 

About ten minutes into the class...after the first warm-up/stretching routine was over, I had a pretty good feeling that this was not the class for me.

It was too difficult, most people were much older than me, and most of all, I didn't really like the style of music the teacher was playing. Music is really important for me in dance; it's what inspires me to dance. This is especially an issue for me in a jazz class, because there's so much variation in the type of music you can dance jazz to. 

But since I was already there, I just decided to stick out this class. Not that I had much choice - it would have been really rude of me to leave in the middle of it.

The way this teacher taught, was that she liked to observe us as we were dancing. At the end of a set, after several minutes of dancing, she would give us individual feedback if she noticed something. She did this in front of the whole class, but it was no big deal. She liked to joke around, and the class was relaxed.

There was one set that I was just particularly not into. It was difficult, it involved a lot of leg stretching and ab work that I just wasn't interested in, and I really wasn't feeling the music. So I laid there on the floor, along with everyone else, but barely moved my body. I was just waiting for this set to be over. 

After it was over, the teacher gave a few students feedback. Then she got to me.

She hesitated. Her jovial expression changed into an uncharacteristically puzzled one.

"Do you have...tight...hamstrings?" she asked me.

I was confused and stayed silent. This wasn't even feedback, and no, my hamstrings were not tight. 

She repeated herself again. "Are you ok?" she asked me, seeming genuinely concerned. "Are your hamstrings tight?"

At this point, I got it. I had been so listless during the set that she actually thought there was something physically wrong with me.

I smiled and laughed it off, "No, I'm okay!" And I smiled again to try to look enthusiastic.

I really could have done a much better job of participating! 

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