Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A long time ago, relatively speaking, I talked about how I was in the process of writing these guides

They've been on my mind, but I haven't made much written progress.

Here's one of the few parts I have written: 

Donna’s Practical, Contemporary Guide to a Proposal and Engagement - Introduction   
While every woman dreams of her wedding, every man dreams of proposing.  
Okay, that’s not quite right. Men don’t dream about this.  
A man knows that this is the time for him to step up to the plate. He doesn’t dream of his proposal. He defines himself by it.  
A proposal is ultimately, a man’s show. He’s in charge.  

In a lot of ways, writing these guides is a process I can't force. Writing these guides is actually my way of processing these things. I think that understanding all these things, in the way that I know I should and I can, just comes in time. If I'm not there yet, I'm not there.

But right now, I also think I'm kind of being a wimp. As I talked about in my previous blog post, I AM scared of these things. I just need to force myself to face these things head-on, too. Being scared is no excuse. 

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