Saturday, July 9, 2016

Today I'm going to make a complete meal from start to finish. I don't cook often, and when I do, I don't cook complete meals. I'll just cook one part of the meal. For the rest of the meal, I'll use already cooked food to round it out. 

Today I'm going to actually make a complete meal, because....well, it tastes good. And also, it's a lot more effort. I'm weird. Cooking is something I feel lazy about doing, but at the same time, it's a lot of fun! I'm a walking contradiction. 

I'm going to make (everything from scratch):

Meatballs with tomato sauce
Garlic bread

Yum! I can't decide whether it's more fun to cook or to eat. Both, I think. 

Oh, and here are the recipes I'm using (more or less, sometimes I cheat with a few things). I'm including them so you can join in the fun (sorta? virtually?) and because I also recommend them :)

Tomato sauce: Alice Waters' simple tomato sauce, found the recipe here

Garlic bread: no recipe, just winging in. But I like to use toast (versus thick bread, because that way you get more garlic and butter flavor), and I think the key is to put it under the broiler for just the right amount of time. You want it crispy and soft at the same time. 

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