Monday, July 25, 2016

Things that make me laugh

  • This short story from David Sedaris, "Big Boy". Warning, it's crude. I don't normally like poop jokes, but...this is so funny.
  • The things my dad says sometimes. He has a way of describing things that is unique and really cuts right to the chase. His English isn't great. When he was trying to say the "Civil War", he called it the "internal war". I laughed.
  • My friends' toddler son (Hi Lisa!) likes to point out all the dangerous things around him in everyday situations. He's right, they are dangerous! Am I being mean and laughing at his fear? Maybe a little...but I know he'll be fine. I like his quirk.
  • Being silly and dumb. Can we all talk like this? I'm noivous. Poifect!

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