Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sales conference frontline

I'm not in any of the meetings, but they all take place right next to the lobby. There's traffic around me all day. And when there are breaks, it's just a mass exodus of people.  I also have to help out with miscellaneous tasks for the conference. So I kind of feel like I'm in the frontline. 

Also we're a sales office, so hopefully that helps to explain a little more why the sales conference is a big deal. 

This time the conference feels even bigger and more frenzied simply because there are more people. Our office hired more salespeople recently. I just feel like there are a lot of...bodies, crammed into a small space. Bodies belonging to big men, mostly. It feels stuffy for them, so we have to have the AC running constantly, even though that makes me cold when I'm sitting in the corner by myself.

All the salespeople are nice to me though. I guess I'm a familiar face, plus they're friendly by nature (salesperson, hello). Plus, I'm a female. I think it's hard for any big group of guys to be mean towards a lone female. 

Still, I'm an introvert, so I'm beginning to get exhausted by all the people around. More exhausted than past conferences, because we have more people than we did before. Thankfully it's only for a few more days. 

I also noticed how a couple women in the office, the ones who really like attention from almost any man, are really eating up the fact that there are so many men here right now. I guess you could say these women are just being "friendly." I find it really annoying though. I can't help how I feel; I have to call it out like it is. (Though I can't say this to their faces). 

Sorry, I don't have any actual updates of substance about sales growth and products. Not that I should be talking about this stuff publicly anyway. But in general, the mood is pretty jovial. Our numbers have been on an upward swing. You can really tell how the office/company is doing by the mood at these conferences. This time, there seems to be optimism and excitement and energy in the air. 

It's a bit tiring (just the constant stream of people and activity around me), but it's going alright. 

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