Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm old-school. I don't think it's a requirement that married women should know how or have to cook...I really can't judge what works for other people...but for me, this is how I roll.

There's something intangible about eating food cooked by someone you know. There's something about fulfilling traditional gender roles; you can't explain why, but it just feels really good and right.


I kind of get a little defensive talking about how I believe in gender roles, because I just automatically assume that modern women (and men) everywhere will scoff at me for saying or thinking this. 

I believe in equality between men and women. I'm extremely grateful for women's rights and opportunities that we didn't have not too long ago (and think we still have a ways to go in some areas). And yet, I also believe in completely celebrating gender roles. I don't think that equality and gender roles are mutually exclusive. 

Life is big enough for both to exist at the same time, and so much richer for it :). 

I wish that modern society, at times, wouldn't be so quick to look down on gender roles. So that's my quick take on feminism and gender roles.


I don't think I would really feel ready for the job (of cooking, marriage) until there are certain things I feel comfortable and enjoy cooking.

Certain classics, that are slightly above basic cooking.

Roast chicken
A fruit pie of some sort
Chinese dumplings
Some type of Chinese noodle soup

Can you guess how many things I've mastered on this list? I'll give you a hint, the number starts with the letter "z"...

Which is fine, because I enjoy cooking and the challenge! And eating. I cook for myself, as much as for any man.

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